Association Not Liable for Volunteer’s Actions in Pool Incident

In a recent case heard by the Illinois Court of Appeals, Muhs v. Fox Point Homeowners Association (the “Association”), the Appellate Court of Illinois ruled in favor of a homeowners association, stating that the association was not liable for the actions of a volunteer committee member. Doreen Colletti Muhs (the “Homeowner”) sued Fox Point Homeowners Association (the “Association”) and Stacy Boyum for injuries she sustained during a party on Fox Point’s premises when Boyum knocked the Homeowner to the ground while trying to encourage her and other party guests to jump into the pool.  Boyum was one of three volunteers … Continue reading

Fourth Circuit Makes Ruling on Attorneys’ Fees Amount

Under North Carolina law, parties entering into loan agreements may specify an amount for attorneys’ fees, in the event that one of the parties breaches or there is a default. The prescribed amount of attorneys’ fees may be up to 15% of the amount owed under the terms of the loan agreement. Frequently, the loan agreement is silent about the specific amount of attorney’s and the agreement simply states that the breaching party shall be responsible for “all reasonable fees and expenses.” The applicable statute defines “reasonable” as 15%. The United States Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit (which … Continue reading

Hurricane Ian Victim’s Tax Relief Deadline Extended for NC and SC Residents

The Internal Revenue Service has recently announced additional relief for Hurricane Ian victims across North Carolina and South Carolina. The tax relief postpones several tax filing and payment deadlines in North and South Carolina, as outlined below: Individuals and businesses located anywhere in the Carolinas will now have until February 15, 2023 to file returns, provided they had a valid extension to file their 2021 return. Individuals and businesses will have until February 15, 2022 to pay taxes that were originally due on September 25, 2022 in South Carolina and September 28, 2022 in North Carolina (the full list of … Continue reading

What Are An Association’s Responsibilities For Ensuring An Owner’s Safety?

There is often a breakdown between what homeowners within a community and the board of an association believe are the responsibilities of the association. Our association clients experience this with a myriad of issues, and one area of particular importance is that of homeowner safety. For associations hoping to understand what their responsibilities are in ensuring a homeowner’s safety and wellbeing, a great place to start is the governing documents. The governing documents will explain an association’s responsibilities in regard to the safety of homeowners, and their additional responsibilities in general. An association should take reasonable action to protect those … Continue reading