NC-CAI Chapter 2016 Year-End Update

New Year’s Day begins a new CAI-NC Chapter year. As this is my last Chapter update, I’d like to look back at some of our Chapter’s 2016 accomplishments and look forward to upcoming changes in 2017. The Chapter has accomplished much this year, including:

  • a redesigned annual sponsor program with new benefits and greater value
  • one of our largest and most successful Annual Conferences ever
  • two Chapter Achievement and Excellence Awards from national CAI (a record!)
  • a successful 7th Annual Community Law Day for homeowners and community managers
  • a CAI-NC Golf Tournament to help fund the work of the Legislative Action Committee (LAC)
  • significant progress towards an updated and more user-friendly Chapter website
  • new and more uniform statewide speaker/sponsor best practice guidelines for Chapter events
  • developing new opportunities to help fund the work of the LAC
  • a Chapter Bylaws revision to bring our documents in line with new national CAI model chapter bylaws

Our Chapter’s successes this year have been the work of many individuals, including our Management Company Champions and Supporting Partners, committee chairs and members, Regional Council officers and members, LAC officers and members, and other volunteers. My special thanks to Leslie Blum, our experienced and professional Chapter Executive Director, who works incredibly hard behind the scenes. Also, I’ve been honored to serve with an outstanding and hardworking Board of Directors, whose names can be found on page 1 of this magazine. Please thank all these individuals when you have a chance.

Board Transitions

Several directors will transition with the new year. Dave Harvey will be leaving the Board. Dave has served our Chapter in most every capacity, including President, Nominating Committee Chair, and Chair of the Executive Director Search Committee. Our Chapter owes him tremendous appreciation. Jay Emmer, who has filled a Homeowner position on the Board of Directors, is also leaving the Board. Jay has done a superb job of representing community association homeowners within the Chapter. I’m happy to report that Bill Bittenbender, another incredibly active Homeowner member, has agreed to succeed Jay on the Board to fulfill his term.

Brian Sheehan will join the Board as an elected Business Partner member for the 2017-2019 term.

LAC Changes

Robb Baer, Chair of the 2016 Legislative Action Committee, is rotating out of that position after years of heading the LAC. Robb has also served in most every position in CAI-NC, including President. He has given many years of service to our Chapter, including watching over legislative proposals that, if adopted, would have impacted community associations. As the 2017 legislative session will likely be even more active, I am happy to report the LAC has elected Paul Mengert, another past Chapter President, as 2017 Chair.

Chapter President

President-Elect Marie Gray automatically becomes Chapter President on January 1. Marie has served the Chapter in many capacities, including the Board of Directors and chairing numerous successful statewide Chapter events. Other 2017 Chapter officers are Gary Woodlief as President-Elect, Karen Swope as Secretary, and Steve Saieed as Treasurer. Thanks to all for their tremendous commitment to CAI-NC!

It has been an honor serving as Chapter President this year. Again, many thanks to all the individuals who gave their time, money and ideas to improving the Chapter. My closing request is that you contact Marie or Leslie and volunteer to help in some way so that 2017 can be an even better Chapter year! Visit for a menu of ways to get involved.

As always, if you want to discuss any Chapter issue, e-mail me through or give me a call.

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