How a Mobile Closing is Going to Make My Transaction Smoother

            Historically, closing on a residential property and use of related vendors to do so has been a largely local (to the property location) endeavor.  It does make sense to do so since local real estate agents, attorneys and other vendors have specific knowledge of intricacies of the area and other special processes that may be required to provide relevant advice and complete a transaction most efficiently.  Most times, it also requires a trip or three to the closing attorney’s office to sign documents and meet with other parties to the transaction in order to consummate the deal.  However, whether you are buying or selling a property (or potentially both within a short period) there are also many other closing items to be completed by various deadlines.  Cumulatively, those tasks might preclude you from, or make very inconvenient, taking several hours out of your day to travel to a closing attorney’s office to sign documents for a couple minutes.

            It is in these instances that having the option to handle your closing at the time and location of your choice can vastly improve the experience and your stress level during the closing process.  A remote closing is as simple as having a signing agent travel to you for all document signing.  Those individuals are very experienced and familiar with the closing process and, along with our closing attorneys available by phone, Skype, etc., any questions can be asked and answered in real time.  Many times remote signing is handled before or after usual business hours at request of the parties.  Not all closing attorneys have the capability, network and/or internal process to complete their closing work in this way but our firm has extensive experience handling remote closings and do so on a daily basis.

If you have any questions or concerns about how our firm conducts mobile closings in your area or need to schedule a remote closing for a transaction you are involved with, contact an attorney at Law Firm Carolinas., to assist you.

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