Why Suze Orman May Not Get It Right for North Carolinians

            There are many interesting legal and financial correspondents on television and the radio. They serve a great purpose; to educate consumers on options for their consideration. However, in many circumstances, it can be dangerous to take their advice. These correspondents speak from a national platform and not necessarily one that pertains to those living in North Carolina. I find often when someone like Suze Orman gives advice, it may be great advice for someone who lives in California. As an attorney also licensed in California I nod my head in agreement for some of the advice she gives but then I shudder to think my North Carolina clients may also be listening. The law differs from state to state and it is important that you are receiving advice that is particular to the state in which you reside. These shows serve a great purpose because they help consumers learn what questions to ask when they meet with their own advisors. However, just acting on the advice of someone you hear on the radio or television just because you like and respect them may be irresponsible. In the area of estate planning, your lawyer should go over your specific assets with you and your specific financial situation and from there, make recommendations and a plan. It should not be one-size fits all and that is what you get from television.

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