Updated North Carolina Planned Community Act (47F) for HOAs and North Carolina Condominium Act (47C) Statutes

The 2013 North Carolina General Assembly adopted several significant amendments that impact owners in homeowner associations and condominium associations.  For more details, see these past blog posts (THE LINKS HAVE BEEN UPDATED TO KEEP CURRENT):

HOA & Condo Collections – Significant October 1 Law Changes

Revised Assessment Lien Statute

New Voluntary Prelitigation Mediation Law

All of these new statutes are now in effect.

Interestingly, these changes can be hard to track down.  Even the online statutes at the North Carolina General Assembly Website do not have the current language.  As a result, if you need the current language of the statutes, you may wish to use these links at our firm Website to the updated language:

North Carolina Planned Community Act (NCGS 47F)

North Carolina Condominium Act (NCGS 47C)

Summaries of both the Planned Community Act and the Condominium Act as well as other articles that may be of interest to those living in North Carolina homeowner and condominium associations can be found at our firm’s HOA & Condo Resources Page.

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