Taylor Swift and Robert’s Rules?

What do Taylor Swift and Robert’s Rules of Order have in common? Likely not much.

However, both were highlighted in the “Top Ten 2023 Outlook Stories” from The Presbyterian Outlook, the magazine of the Presbyterian Church (USA). “What Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour Taught Me about Church” made the list. So did “Who Was Robert and Why Do His Rules Rule?”

If you’re curious, the list and full articles can be found at Top 10 Outlook Stories of 2023.

Want to learn more about Robert’s Rules of Order and proper meeting procedure? Then check out my two most recent books! Both were published last year and updated for the new Robert’s Rules 12th Edition. Both have been selected as “Editor’s Picks” by Publisher’s Weekly.

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Robert’s Rules of Order Fast Track


Easy, accessible, and to the point. Robert’s Rules of Order Fast Track: The Brief and Easy Guide to Parliamentary Procedure for the Modern Meeting gives you everything you need to know to conduct shorter, fairer, and more orderly meetings. In this new and improved update, you’ll find:

  • The fundamentals of parliamentary procedure, with tips on knowing which rules to use for your meetings.
  • Simple suggestions for making, seconding, and debating motions.
  • A primer on voting, from knowing when it’s required, to breaking ties, to handling absentee and proxy votes.
  • Straightforward strategies for setting and sticking to an agenda plus efficiently and correctly recording your meeting’s minutes.
  • Tips for handling disruptive members and tyrannical chairs.
  • All-new guidance on conducting the modern virtual meeting.

Notes and Comments on Robert’s Rules, Fifth Edition


Notes and Comments on Robert’s Rules, Fifth Edition, makes Robert’s Rules of Order an accessible and easy-to-use tool.

In this authoritative guide, you’ll find questions and answers covering the most misused and asked-about provisions of Robert’s, including those that apply to larger membership meetings. Other key features include:
✓ Simplified charts of parliamentary motions for quick reference.

✓ Updated page and paragraph references to the latest Robert’s.
✓ Extensive discussion of electronic/virtual/hybrid meetings.
✓ Practical advice from decades of professional experience working with meetings ranging from small community association boards to conventions with 10,000 delegates.
✓ Discussions of why certain provisions are included in Robert’s.
✓ A comparison of Robert’s with other commonly used parliamentary manuals.
✓ Extensive notes exploring parliamentary differences and history, for those who want to know more.

Notes and Comments on Robert’s Rules has received the Phifer Award from the Commission on American Parliamentary Practice, an affiliate of the National Communication Association.

Jim Slaughter is an attorney, Certified Professional Parliamentarian, Professional Registered Parliamentarian, and past President of the American College of Parliamentary Lawyers. He is author of four books on meeting procedure, including Robert’s Rules of Order Fast Track and Notes and Comments on Robert’s Rules, Fifth Edition. For more information, visit www.jimslaughter.com

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