Reasons Realtors Need an Experienced Real Estate Attorney

Home sales almost always include purchase contracts with negotiated terms, legal jargon, and intricate procedures which are not always familiar to any particular buyer, seller, or realtor. From negotiating its terms to signing the contract which obligates the involved parties as to certain legal responsibilities, all parties involved deserve to understand the process. This understanding paves the way for a smooth transaction from the initial agreement to the final recording of the deed and funding. An experienced Law Firm Carolinas real estate attorney can assist in a variety of ways. Even though some or all of the parties might be … Continue reading

The Developer is Offering the Association (a lot of) Money to Sign a Release- Should the Board of Directors Consider Signing it?

Over the last year our firm has seen an uptick in offers to associations from the developer to pay money in exchange for signing a release. The language of releases can vary but the purpose is almost always the same – The money being offered to the association is in exchange for releasing the developer and any other named parties from any and all claims, known or unknown, that the association may have.  These claims being released will almost certainly include claims for construction defects for the association’s amenities but can also include a release for claims related to the … Continue reading