Robert’s Rules of Order & Sturgis Motions “Cheat Sheets”

This year saw the publication of my two new books on proper meeting procedure, Robert’s Rules of Order Fast Track and Notes and Comments on Robert’s Rules, Fifth Edition. With the publication of these books (based on the new 12th Edition of Robert’s), I’ve been asked if there are updated “cheat sheets” to the motions most often seen in meetings. The answer is “yes.”

Parliamentary motions guides to the most used parliamentary authorities, including Robert’s Rules of Order Newly Revised (12th Edition), The Standard Code of Parliamentary Procedure, Fourth Edition (“Sturgis”), and AIP’s Standard Code of Parliamentary Procedure, can all be found at the Charts & Handouts Page of the firm’s parliamentary procedure website.  

FYI, for those that use a parliamentary authority other than Robert’s, while “Robert’s” is in the title of my most recent book (Notes and Comments on Robert’s Rules, Fifth Edition), much of the discussion and commentary in the book is how and why Robert’s differs from other parliamentary authorities, including The Standard Code and AIP’s Standard Code.

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