Real estate document preparation

Contracts and closing documents are a necessary part of any real estate transaction and there are countless resources on the internet that purport to be able to provide any number of them free or at a very low cost.  More often than not, however, the forms provided are not tailored to the party’s needs.  Oftentimes they omit important terms or language or are overbroad and put at increased risk the parties involved or getting the deal closed at all. 

Since it is commonplace that real estate transactions do not always have brokers involved to provide preliminary guidance but the parties should still be able to feel comfortable with the agreement upon which the transaction will track, it is always helpful to have an attorney review with you what you are agreeing to before any contract is signed.  Furthermore, parties to a real estate transaction will also want to have the same level of review of any transfer or loan documents that might be needed for your transaction to ensure respective obligations are met and less likelihood to have any post-closing issues to deal with.

If you have any questions about how our firm is able to assist with real estate document drafting or review, contact an attorney at Law Firm Carolinas to assist you.

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