Political Signs in HOAs and Condos – 2020 Review

This Saturday, September 19, 2020 is 45 days before the 2020 state and national elections. Why does that matter? Because North Carolina’s complicated statutes regulating political signs in homeowner and condominium associations make “45 days before the day of the election” an important trigger for what can and can’t be done with political signs.

Prior to 45 days before the election, so long as the association has the correct wording in the governing documents, a community association can altogether prohibit political signs. (A “political sign” per the statute is a sign that attempts to influence the outcome of an election, including supporting or opposing a candidate or an “issue on the election ballot.”)  Within 45 days of the election, what the association can or can’t do as to political signs on an owner’s property are restricted. (The association usually has authority to do whatever it wishes as to a sign placed by an owner on common area.)

For a review of what can and can’t be done with political signs in HOAs and condos, visit this Q&A on Political Signs in HOAs and Condominium Associations article.

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