Details on the 2020 National Community Association Law Seminar

As past President of the College of Community Association Lawyers (CCAL), I provide details each year on CAI’s national Community Association Law Seminar. Without question, the Law Seminar is the premiere HOA and condo legal program held each year. This year’s Law Seminar is the 41st annual and will be held January 15-18, 2020, in Las Vegas, NV.

While the Law Seminar is mostly attended by attorneys, it’s not limited to attorneys. Other participants include insurance professionals, community association managers, and other industry leaders who wish to learn about HOA/condo law trends and practices. For insurance professionals who advise homeowner and condominium associations, the Insurance Masters Program (sponsored by the Community Insurance and Risk Management Specialists (“CIRMS”)) is for experienced insurance professionals and goes beyond the basics of community association insurance to include risk management and legal issues.

An optional two-part workshop for managing partners will be held Wednesday, January 15 on “Running a Community Association Law Practice.” This optional track has an additional fee.

This year’s program will include the popular Case Law Update, “Panel of Pundits” (which I’ll host) and 24 other sessions dealing with community association law, including:

  • Enforcement of Occupancy Restrictions
  • What HOA/Condo Attorneys Need to Know about Parliamentary Procedure & Robert’s Rules of Order (which I’ll be presenting)
  • Dealing with Recreational and Medicinal Marijuana
  • Extraordinary Document Amendments
  • Practical Technology for the Practicing Lawyer
  • Vexatious Litigants—How to Handle the Frivolous Filer
  • Board Members in Defamation Actions
  • Developer Transition and Defects
  • HOA Election Trends: Does Increasing Government Regulation Protect or Harm?
  • Navigating the Collection Timeline: Looking at the FDCPA, Bankruptcy Code, and State Requirements

More information and the full schedule on this and future Law Seminars can be found at CAI’s Events page.

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