Coronavirus (COVID-19) HOA & Condo Blog Articles

Since February of this year, we have posted a number of articles on how community associations should respond to the coronavirus crisis as well as changes in HOA/condo practices that may need to be considered.

For ease of finding, these articles are linked below:

The Coronavirus, Flu, and HOA/Condo Association Meetings – 2/26/20

Coronavirus: What Should Homeowner and Condominium Associations Do? – 3/1/2020

“Let’s Have Our Meeting or Convention Online!” – 3/14/2020

How to Hold Your North Carolina HOA/Condo Hearing in a Pandemic – 3/24/2020

Should My Community Close Its Common Areas Due to COVID-19? – 3/25/2020

What to Do About HOA/Condo Finances & Assessments During the Coronavirus – 3/26/2020 

Communicating With HOA/Condo Members In The Age of Coronavirus – 4/1/2020 

WEBINAR: Coping with COVID-19 for NC Community Associations – 4/5/2020 

Emergency Bylaws Provisions of the NC Nonprofit Act – 4/6/2020 

HOAs, Condos, and the South Carolina Stay at Home Order – 4/7/2020 

Are HOAs and Condos in North Carolina and South Carolina Eligible for Coronavirus Federal Disaster Funds? – 4/7/2020 

NC HOA/Condo Budget Ratification During the COVID-19 Pandemic – 4/14/2020 

Notices Required by Employers in the Era of COVID-19 – 4/21/2020 

How South Carolina’s Reopenings May Affect Your Homeowners Association – 4/22/2020 

COVID-19 Webinar: The Next Normal – Lifting Stay-at-Home Orders & The Impact on Community Associations – 5/1/2020 

What Your NC & SC Community Should Consider Before Opening Pools Amid COVID-19 Concerns – 5/5/2020 

Re-Opening Risks and Liabilities for Businesses in the Era of COVID-19 – 5/7/2020 

Emergency Video Notarization in North Carolina in the Real Estate Transaction Context during the COVID-19 Crisis – 5/8/2020 

Requirements for South Carolina HOA/Condo Pools for Re-Opening After May 18, 2020 – 5/14/2020 

Pools in Phase 2: Requirements for Reopening NC HOA/Condo Pools – 5/21/2020 

North Carolina Extends Moratorium on Residential and Commercial Evictions – 6/1/2020 

Requirements for South Carolina HOA/Condo Pools for Re-Opening After May 18, 2020 – 6/2/2020 

NC Community Association Legislative Update – June 24, 2020 – 6/24/2020 

COVID-19 Update: North Carolina to Remain in Phase 2, Additional Restrictions – 6/24/2020 

NC Community Association Legislative Update – June 26, 2020 – 6/26/2020 

New NC Executive Order Again Allows Electronic Nonprofit Membership Meetings – 7/3/2020 

New Law Offers Important Protection to NC Pool Operators – 7/8/2020 

How to Hold a North Carolina HOA or Condo Virtual Membership Meeting – 7/25/2020 

NC Executive Order Again Extends Electronic Membership Meetings – 8/31/2020 

Reopening Gyms and Fitness Centers in North Carolina’s Phase 2.5: Three Steps to Consider – 9/6/2020 

COVID-19 Update: What Phase 3 Means for NC HOAs and Condos – 9/30/2020 

New NC Executive Order Extends Virtual Membership Meetings Through December 29 – 10/30/2020 

COVID-19 Update: Indoor Gathering Limit Reduced – 11/10/2020 

COVID-19 Update: Indoor Gathering Limit Reduced – 11/10/2020 


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