Congratulations to Our 4 State Bar Certified Family Law Specialists

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Legal Specialist

Yesterday I congratulated Steve Black for receiving his Board Certification as a Legal Specialist in Real Property Law – Residential Transactions. We have also been informed by the North Carolina State Bar that three of our attorneys, Keith Black, Carole Albright, and Ashley Bennington have been named Board Certified Specialists in Family Law. “Family law” broadly includes divorce litigation; child custody, visitation and child support; equitable distribution; separation agreements; post-separation support and alimony; and family law mediation and arbitration.

The NC State Bar began certifying lawyers as legal specialists in 1987. The requirements for legal specialization include being substantially involved in the practice area for at least 5 years; a required number of continuing legal education credits in the specialty area; satisfactory peer review; and a successful score on a written 6-hour examination. If you include Barbara Morgenstern (and you should, as she is past Chair of the NC Bar Association Family Law Section), that brings the number of our firm Board Certified Family Law Specialists to four, one of the highest numbers in the state. And the State Bar informs us that 4 attorneys from one firm passing the State Bar certification at the same time is a record.

FYI, our family law attorneys work out of both Law Firm Carolinas offices and serve Charlotte, Greensboro, and surrounding counties.

Congratulations to all!

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