Be Careful Driving, Especially This Thanksgiving Weekend

Between November 21 and November 25, North Carolina state troopers in North Carolina will be placed every 20 miles along I-40 in an effort to encourage safe travel. The “Thanksgiving I-40 Challenge” is a joint operation with seven other states along the Interstate 40 corridor.

While it is always important to exercise safe driving, here are a couple of important reminders, especially during this holiday season. Here are a few reminders as you get behind the wheel:

  • Expect increased traffic and delays, so allocate additional time for traveling to your destination so that you do not feel the need to speed.
  • Be sure that your vehicle license and registration are up to date. Have copies of both documents, along with your insurance information with you in your vehicle.
  • Be wary of your speed and aggressive driving. Traveling at the “speed of traffic” does not mean that you are protected from being pulled over.
  • Don’t follow the vehicle in front of your too closely.
  • Don’t be a distracted driver. Texting (or using social media or the internet) and driving is extremely dangerous and illegal.
  • Use hands free when possible if you have to be on your telephone.
  • Don’t drink and drive. The cost of a cab, Uber or Lyft is minimal compared to the fines and other costs that you will incur if you are caught driving while impaired.

If you do find yourself in a situation where you are pulled over by the police or a state trooper, be polite and cooperative with the officer. Do not argue with the officer.

Call the attorneys at Law Firm Carolinas for assistance if you receive a citation. Pleading guilty or simply paying off your ticket can have long term consequences for both your driver’s license and your insurance.