NC Bar Journal Article on Meeting Procedure & Robert’s Rules of Order

In case it’s of interest, the article “Robert’s Rules of Order: An Interview” appears in the most recent NC State Bar Journal (Spring 2023). The article, by Executive Director Alice Neece Mine, covers what lawyers should know about meeting procedure, why Robert’s is still relevant today, changes in the new Robert’s, virtual and hybrid meeting procedures, common mistakes about meeting procedure, tips for keeping meetings short and productive, and more.

As a reminder, both the NC Planned Community Act and NC Condominium Act require that unless otherwise provided in the bylaws, association and board meetings must “be conducted in accordance with the most recent edition of Robert’s Rules of Order Newly Revised.” For other types of entities, bylaws also often prescribe a specific book as the parliamentary authority.

The article can be found on page 34 in the online version of the entire Spring 2023 State Bar Journal, or a PDF of the article can be downloaded here.

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