Top 10 Do’s and Don’ts if You Are Considering Separation or Divorce

  1. Carole Albright

    Carole Albright

    Do get advice from an experienced family law attorney in your area.  Ask your family, friends, colleagues for their recommendations because issues involving separation and divorce are complex and good advice from an attorney you trust is critical.

  2. Don’t move out of the marital residence before getting advice from an attorney unless there is violence in the home or other safety concerns that warrant moving from the residence.
  3. Don’t sign any agreements or court orders without the advice of an attorney.
  4. Don’t discuss affairs or relationships with third parties with your spouse or anyone else other than your attorney.
  5. Do gather copies of your financial documents including tax returns, bank statements, retirement statements, pay stubs, life insurance, car insurance, wills and trusts, mortgage statement, credit card statements, any other loan documents, etc.
  6. Do put in safekeeping any valuable items, such as jewelry, if you are concerned that your spouse may hide, sell or destroy these items.
  7. Do start a separate bank account out of any “extra” funds left after family living expenses are paid to be used for moving expenses, attorney’s fees and other expenses related to moving or seeking a separation.
  8. Do not commit any act of domestic violence or make any threat of domestic violence that may be the basis for your spouse to seek a Domestic Violence Protection Order and have you removed from the house.
  9. Do consider hiring a private investigator if you suspect your spouse is having an affair and discuss the information you should have the private investigator gather with an attorney.
  10. Do keep copies of emails, texts and voicemails received or sent by your spouse which may be relevant to your separation or divorce.

As issues involving separation and divorce are handled differently from state to state and even city to city, call an attorney in your local area if you have questions concerning separation and divorce.  One of the attorneys in our Greensboro office would be happy to discuss any questions you may have.


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