Political Signs in Your Homeowners Association and Condominium in South Carolina

With election time upon us, we always get questions regarding political signs in homeowners associations and condominiums. My colleague, Jim Slaughter, authored a blog on “Q&A on Political Signs in HOAs and Condominium Associations” a few weeks ago that addresses some of the most common questions we get.  As a quick follow-up to his blog, here are a few items from South Carolina to keep in mind:

First, it is always important to remember that unlike North Carolina, South Carolina does not have any HOA-specific statute that affects the display of political signs. So, if your association has specific rules in your governing documents for political signs, then those will typically apply.

In South Carolina, it is a misdemeanor to remove, vandalize, or tamper with political signs during an election season, with potential fines of up to $100, or even jail time involved, or both.

Signs are permitted for periods of up to 90 days in a highway right of way, with some limitations. Although South Carolina requires many forms of political advertising to include sponsor information on the sign, yard signs are specifically exempted from disclosure rules.  Additionally, political posters are not allowed within 200 feet of any South Carolina voting station on the day of an election.

Contact us if you have any questions about the rules for political signs in your community. We are glad to review your HOA’s restrictions to see what rules, if any, may apply to political signs in your community.

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