Can You Help Your Attorney Get Ready for Your Child Custody Trial?

Carole Albright

Yes! Having a well-respected family law attorney represent you in a custody case is an important step but your children are the most important people in your life so hiring an attorney should not be your last step.  First, discuss all of your goals and concerns with your attorney.  Second, provide your attorney with as many facts regarding your history with the children as possible. Third, provide your attorney with a list of witnesses who can testify about your positive relationship with your children.  Good witnesses are teachers, coaches, neighbors and friends you spend a lot of time with, and in some cases, counselors.  Fourth, put together photos of your child’s life with you so a judge who is meeting you for the first time can get a picture of your home, neighborhood, your children’s school and activities, your extended family and friends who your children see regularly and, most importantly, your relationship with your children.  Fifth, email or print any emails or texts messages with the other parent or witnesses that are relevant to your concerns about custody or demonstrate your positive communication with the other parent or people involved in your child’s life such as teachers.  Finally, follow your attorney’s advice.  Following these steps will not only ensure that you have the best case ready for court but will also save you money.  If you have questions about custody or need representation in court, give one of our domestic attorneys a call in Greensboro, Charlotte, Wilmington or the Triangle.

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