Avoiding (or Enforcing) a Postnuptial Agreement

Did you sign a postnuptial or postmarital agreement at some point during your marriage and do not believe the terms are fair?  Are you and your spouse getting separated or divorced and you want to understand the effects of a postnuptial agreement? 

Although post marital agreements are difficult to set aside, there are ways to attack them in family court if

  • you were pressured to sign, or
  • the terms are wholly unfair, or
  • you waived certain marital rights. 

Similarly if your spouse is refusing to comply with a postnuptial agreement that you believe is fair, there are ways to enforce it.  Attorneys at Law Firm Carolinas have been successful in setting aside and in enforcing postmarital agreements, and we would happy to discuss your agreement with you to help determine if it is fair and enforceable.   

Please give one of our attorneys at Law firm Carolinas with offices in Greensboro, Charlotte, Wilmington and Raleigh a call to discuss your family law or divorce litigation questions.

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